To Love

I’ve never been in love. I’ve longed to be for as long as I can remember. And it isn’t just the desire to be loved, but to love! Sometimes I feel I could burst with the mere potential of love I possess within me. The potential that craves to be realized, to be unleashed upon the one who’s won me. It’s like a wild beast. It’s something that will be kept close and guarded and contained until the right man earns trust and coaxes it from its cage with an offer of freedom. And at last my wild love will allow itself to take flight and will fulfill its purpose.

I think I’m a One Great Love kind of woman. I hope. I pray that that can be the case. I’m the kind to give myself wholly and deeply, but so so rarely. Only once have I even come close to allowing myself to love someone, but it was unrequited. But when another rare instance takes place and finally clicks with the right man, I think even I will be surprised by the depth and wholeness of my love for him.